By Chamoy City Limits

How Ice Blocks For Snowcones Are Made

Ice blocksIce blocks for snow cones and shaved ice freezers are typically made using commercial ice block machines. These machines are specifically designed to produce large blocks of ice that can be easily shaved or crushed into the desired texture for snow cones.

Here's a general overview of the process:

  1. Water Filtration: The first step is to ensure that the water used for making ice blocks is clean and free from impurities. Many ice block machines have built-in water filtration systems to achieve this.

  2. Water Filling: The machine is filled with filtered water, which is then poured into specially designed molds or containers. These molds are typically made of food-grade plastic or stainless steel and have various sizes and shapes depending on the machine and the desired ice block dimensions.

  3. Freezing Process: The filled molds are placed inside the ice block machine, which creates an environment conducive to freezing the water. The machine circulates cold air or refrigerant around the molds, gradually lowering the temperature and freezing the water.

  4. Ice Block Formation: As the water freezes, it forms a solid block of ice within the molds. The freezing time can vary depending on the machine and the size of the ice blocks being produced. It typically takes several hours to freeze completely.

  5. Extraction: Once the freezing process is complete, the molds are removed from the machine. Some ice block machines have built-in mechanisms or heating elements to facilitate the easy extraction of the ice blocks from the molds. The blocks may be slightly warmed or tilted to release them from the mold.

  6. Storage: The ice blocks are usually stored in a freezer or ice chest to maintain their frozen state until they are ready to be used. Commercial establishments that sell snow cones or shaved ice often have dedicated freezers with enough capacity to hold a significant number of ice blocks.

When it's time to make snow cones or shave ice, the blocks are placed in a specialized machine called a snow cone or shaved ice freezer. These machines have a blade or grinder that shaves the ice block into fine, fluffy ice. The shaved ice is then collected in a container or cone, ready to be flavored with syrups or other toppings.

It's worth noting that some snow cone or shaved ice machines may use alternative methods, such as producing ice from ice cubes or using pre-made shaved ice. However, the use of ice blocks made with commercial ice block machines is common in many establishments due to their convenience and the ability to produce a consistent texture.