By Chamoy City Limits

Mangonadas y Más at Chamoy City Limits



The forecast is heating up, the humidity rising and the days are getting longer. If you’re looking to beat the heat while satisfying your taste buds, look no further than Chamoy City Limits. A food truck specializing in frozen treats, you’ll want to have this mobile dining option on your radar.

Chamoy City Limits offers raspas, or what you out-of-towners might know as snow cones or shaved ice. Flavors range from traditional (blue coconut) to something uniquely South Texas (Big Red). But if you want to get out of your comfort zone, you might want to try one of their specialty frozen items, such as the mangonada.

The South Texas heat will melt this mangonada quickly—I’m lucky I got a picture! Photo by Garrett Heath.

A mangonada is essentially a frozen mango puree topped with chamoy, a red sauce that is salty, sour, sweet and spicy all in one. If you’ve ever tried one of the Mexican candies covered in what looks like chili powder, then you are familiar with the taste.

The sour of the chamoy plays off of the sweet of the mango well. To further bring out those flavors Chamoy City Limits adds sliced dill pickles and gummy bears into the mix. While I thought that the pickles were purely for decoration, this odd combination just works—I ate all three spears. I’m now more apt to trying a Chango (a green and red chamoy raspa with pickle brine) or even a Piccadilly (cherry raspa with pickle brine and chopped pickles) on a return visit.

Some of the more exotic options from Chamoy City Limits. Photo by Garrett Heath.

I do want to make a quick side note the pronunciation of mangonada. The “a” sounds more like an “ah” in “awning” rather than the “long a” in “cake.” I hate it that my gringo-ness always seems to come out in this word when I call it “mane-go-nah-dah.”

Because Chamoy City Limits is a food truck, they are constantly on the move. The truck is often over at Lion’s Field off of Broadway just South of Brackenridge Park, but if you want to get the scoop on where they’ll be, give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But be warned, they’re raspa photos will make you want to hightail it out of your house to wherever they’re parked—especially as those temperatures get closer to the century mark.