By Chamoy City Limits

Chamoy City Limits Taking the traditional raspa to a whole new level

SAN ANTONIO — Raspas and snacks like the pickles and gummy bear tray all centered around one ingredient —Chamoy.



"Chamoy is a pickled fruit sauce —  it's a condiment. It's sour and sweet," Chamoy City Limits Owner Ana Fernandez said. 

Their red or green sauces smother just about all of their snacks.

"What we have noticed lately is that chamoy is kind of going, like a main [stream] condiments because people are really catching on to it," Fernandez said.

Chamoy City Limits is attracting people from all over South Texas.

"We have sort of what I would call a 'cult like following' because we have people that have been coming to us for years and years," Fernandez said.

For many, these snacks and Mexican candies tap into a bit of nostalgia.

"Everyone is familiar with that corner store where they grew up," Fernandez said. "They would walk and grab snacks, so I think we really tap into that with our pickles and with our candy."

Allowing these now big kids to share a taste of their childhood with the younger generation.

"It just kind of reminds people of their youth, and its like a multi-generational thing with their own kids," Fernandez said. 

That idea is what got owner Ana Fernandez started with her food truck in 2012.

"When I was little, we used to get to snow cones in corpus Christi and we used to have ice cream with a snow cone, and that was like a place I would go with my grandparents and my family," Fernandez said. 

Perfecting their secret sauces and combinations to create a one of a kind of experience that will take your taste buds to the next level .

"It's a thing that once you have it, you will want it again," Fernandez said. 

It's also giving folks a taste of the flavors of San Antonio.

"They are happy. It's like a happy place," Fernandez said.