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Chamoy HOTLINE 210-744-0000
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About Our Products

At Chamoy City Limits we start with fresh fruit because we believe that fresh, not
frozen, or canned, makes a better raspa. All of our icy confections are made-to-order
and our natural syrups contain about 30% less sugar than traditional store-bought
Our Salted Watermelon flavor, for example, is made from homemade pickled
watermelon rind, which gives the ice the sweet and tart flavor we’re
famous for. Our Pink Leche raspa is made from fresh strawberries in small batches
and our Komodo Dragon is made with natural pineapple syrup and crisp sliced cucumbers.
You can find homemade natural flavors on our menu year-round such as grapefruit,
orange, green apple, strawberry, raspberry and more!
In addition to our homemade fruit and chili pepper syrups, we also handcraft our own
Chamoy is a pickled fruit-based sauce made with chili paste and citrus. We use dehydrated
peppers to make our base, not processed powders. Our chamoy is sweet-hotsour-
and spicy all at once.
Unlike our competitors, we make ours from scratch and in small batches. You’ll see why
Chamoy City Limits was voted Best Raspa in many polls and has been featured
in Food & Wine Magazine, Travel & Leisure, USA Today, Latina Magazine and more!
To book for events, please contact us at 210-744-0000