By Chamoy City Limits


by Alyssa

We’re not sure when our obsession with chamoy began, but we’ve been on a mouth tingling journey for many years. The first time we were able to fully indulge in this sour love affair with chamoy was at Pearl when the Chamoy City Limits truck was stationed on Avenue A. After that, we’ve been chasing down the raspa truck and sometimes, even getting a behind the scenes look!

Walking up to the truck causes my mouth to water instantly. Chamoy City Limits, originally opened in 2012 as a food truck serving Tex-Mex classics, now features icy concoctions truck ranging from raspas to pickled grapes.

 The first raspa we tried was the Piccadilly Circus – a cotton candy raspa with green chamoy and heaps of pickles. When you order your raspa, make sure you have a handful of napkins as well. With all the marvelous ingredients piled high, it’s nearly impossible to not make a bit of a mess. Don’t worry, the rainbow streaks down your hands are 100% worth the prize.

Next, the Isle of Misfits made up of coconut, fresh citrus, orange brine and green chamoy. The way you choose to eat your raspa is all your own! I prefer to start with the candy and strawberries on top and make our way down.

Stepping into the Chamoy City Limits truck was the equivalent of walking in the world of Willy Wonka. We watched in amazement as a literal block of ice was destroyed and reconstructed into the Grape Invader – grape brine, blue coco, chamoy and cherry kool aid. If you’re like us and already craving all this goodness at home, you can breathe out a sigh of relief because Chamoy City Limits also sells pickled oranges, pickled grapes, kool aid pickles, a pint jar of Chinese candy and a box of treats featuring an assortment of pickled fruit and candy.

If you’re having a tough time deciding what to order, go with some of the crowd favorites – the Grape Invader or the watermelon and habanero raspa. You can find Chamoy City Limits on Saturdays at Lion’s Field on Broadway from 1 to 8 p.m. and Sundays at the OP Schnabel Park on Bandera Road.