By Chamoy City Limits

The 9 Best Raspa Joints in San Antonio


Summer in Texas means it’s time to quell heatstroke with sweet, fruity ice. The rest of the country has sno cones or sno balls or whatever, but San Antonio has the real deal: raspas. Here are the nine best raspa joints around.


Chamoy City Limits

What you’re getting: Piccadilly Circus, Cherry Chango w/ Chinese Candy, Dreamsicle
Sure, these guys are new, but they know what it means to make a quality raspa. With outlandish presentations and fresh, never-from-a-jug citrus, Chamoy City Limits always refreshes us sun-toasted San Antonians. The Piccadilly Circus is not to be missed. The ice comes piled high and drenched in cotton candy syrup, green chamoy, diced pickles, and secret salt. If that doesn’t sound like San Antonio then nothing does.